Dear competitors, trainers and supporters

Bellow you can find some important information about the competition which will go on in Dobrova near Ljubljana on December 16 and 17, 2017. There will be more than 300 competitors on the location each day, so the competition place will be really crowded. I would kindly like to ask you to respect the instructions you will get on the location, pay attention to the time table and be prepared whenever called on the stage.



Cesta 7. Maja 20, 1356 Dobrova, Slovenia

Arrival: The easiest way is from Ljubljana ring

  • From direction Koper
    • Take the last exit before Ljubljana – BREZOVICA
  • From all other directions
    • When arriving to Ljubljana follow the direction Koper
    • Take the first exit outside Ljubljana – BREZOVICA
  • From M Hotel OR GENERALLY FROM Lj Center
    • Turn left on the short part of Derceva and at T crossing turn right on Vodnikova street
    • Drive straight for about 2 km and then turn left to Ljubljana ring direction Koper and follow the instructions for “other directions”


  • At the traffic light drive straight direction Dobrova for about 3 km
  • At the T crossing turn left to Polhov Gradec
  • Drive 500m to a roundabout and take the first exit towards Polhov Gradec
  • Drive about 700m and there will be a new uphill road directly to the hall – just turn left!
  • Drive up hill for about 400 m and you will see the hall on your right


There should be enough parking behind the hall, so please don’t try to park in the area reserved for the organizers. Please respect the instructions about the parking. Parking at the reserved area is not allowed. Also make sure the pathway for the first aid vehicle remains free. Parking outside designated parking area is strictly forbidden. Parking on the grass is not allowed.



You can buy the entrance tickets during the registration – 15 € one day ticket and 25 € 2 days ticket. If you have already bought the tickets, you can get your entrance bracelet during the registration or in the hall at the visitors’ entrance For children up to 8 years the entrance is free.



FRIDAY:  18:00 – 22:00 M hotel, Derceva 4, Ljubljana

SATURDAY:  08:00 – 09:00 Competition hall only for competitors who dance on Saturday

SUNDAY:  08:00 – 09:30 Competition hall only for competitors who dance on Sunday

 During the registration on Friday, you can do the following:

  1. Check in for the competition and receive the starting number
  2. Order and pay the transportation
  3. Order and pay the lunch
  4. Buy the entrance tickets for supporters ( 15 € one day/25 € two days)
  5. Buy the backstage tickets for officially announced trainers (15 € each) – only the online announcements will be accepted!

Important for formations: The same dancers as announced on registration system must actually dance on the competition. Please have your passports, ID cards or similar ready to prove your identity. Extra entrance tickets per team are not possible.

TRANSPORTATION (HOTEL – HALL – HOTEL) – you will be in the hall 15 min after the stop in your hotel

PRICE 10 €; * Please book in advance via e-mail

The service will be organized if there will be enough applicants, so it is extremely important that you fill out the order form attached!

Planned schedule

MORNING: HOTEL (M hotel and optionally other) – > competition hall: departure 8:00 or 08:15

EVENING: Competition to Hotel – > 22.00 (30 minutes after the end of competition)

ENTRANCE TO THE COMPETITION HALL – dancers & coaches – the entrance is from the side of the hall when coming from parking (it is not the same as the registration place!)

  • Entry to the hall before 08:00 is not possible
  • Competitors can only enter the hall with the bracelet attached to their hand
  • Trainers can enter to the same premises as dancers – with the bracelet attached to their hand
    • The number of free trainers is limited by WRRC rules. The free entrance will be given only to the trainers announced on WRRC registration system. Please make sure that the national federation has announced the trainers correctly.
    • You can get extra backstage entrance tickets for additionally announced trainers, the price is 15 € per day.
  • Visitors with a ticket can enter the competition hall from 09:00. On arrival you need to change your entrance ticket for a bracelet (if you have not received the bracelet yet). Visitors can only enter the hall with the bracelet attached to their hand.

IMPORTANT: The visitors are not allowed to bring any food or drink inside the competition hall. The visitors can only stay on tribune. The bags will be checked upon the entrance.



  • During the registration and at the competitors entrance you will be informed about the location of your dressing room


  • There will be different warm up options possible
    • In the hall two warm up boxes
    • Dance hall (basement)
    • School lobby – Sunday reserved for formations!


  • There will be presentation of countries at the beginning of evening part of the event. Please be ready 10 minutes before the beginning. Please come to the presentation in dancing costume or national training suit. One person per team will receive a table with the nation’s name!


  • The winner ceremony will go on immediately after each final. All the final couples/formations will be called on stage, so you have to be prepared behind the stage at once as the last couple has finished the dance.
  • The awards will be given for places 7. to 1., please instruct the couples they should go directly to the designated place at the winner ceremony


Please choose from our various selections in our food & drink corner. We well offer also hot beverages. Please make sure to eat outside!


Besides some catering we will provide lunch for all interested persons. The lunch will be available from 14h to 18h on Saturday and Sunday.
The price is 10€, there are three menus available:
If you have finished your afternoon rounds try to go to lunch as soon as possible, so we can prevent that everyone comes on the same time!

T-shirts & other merchandise
T-shirts will be available for you. There will also be some special photo booths where you will be able to take nice pictures.

We wish you a nice stay in Ljubljana.